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PixyCash.Com want a short-term cash solution minus the fees? At Pixy Cash Online Advance, we are here to provide you with an installment loan for your immediate financial needs! Our installment loan product is better than a installment loan because it is less expensive and offers you better payment options. In just a few minutes, you can be approved for an installment loan of up to $1000. Once you provide the necessary information and submit your application, we can begin the approval process.

What is the Process?

Requesting a payday loan is easy with Pixy Cash Loan. Fill out one easy form on and your inquiry will be submitted to our network of payday loan lenders. Payday loans range between $100 to $1000 without having to leave the comfort of your home. All you've got to do is to fill out the inquiry form online at our website and then wait a minute as we match you to a vast network of lenders. Once it is approved you will then be redirected over to a lender's page, where you should be able to find the terms (including rates and fees) of the loan. If you accept these terms you will then have the funds deposited to your bank.

Requirements for a Payday Loan:

  • You should be employed at your preset job for a good 90 days.
  • You should be a US citizen, or a permanent resident over the age of 18.
  • You should have an income of around $1000 a month after tax deductions.
  • You will also need a checking account which is in your name.
  • You should provide working work and home phone numbers.
  • You should provide a working email address.

How Much Can I Borrow?

You can apply at for up to $1000 online. In some cases you may be funded this amount but this depends upon the criteria you enter when completing an online application which will be analyzed by financial institutions who make decisions regarding your loan request. Your borrowing history will determine the amount of your loan. If you have a frequent borrowing history in good standing you may receive the maximum amount of $1000.

How Much Does it Cost:

The cost of your loan will depend on may different factors which will be disclosed to you upon approval. Your are under absolutely no obligation to accept the terms and conditions of any loan approval document which will be presented to you upon completing your online loan application. does not charge you for making a request for financial assistance. Your application for a payday loan costs nothing to submit at

So, if you’re having money troubles, you really don’t have anything to lose. Fill out our application today! You can have cash in the bank and remove all your stress in only a day’s time. Give it a try.

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